Screening Tips

For FEATURE Filmmakers:

Six Tips for Making Your First Screening Less Stressful and More Exciting

  1. Arrive to the theater early – at least 45 minutes before your scheduled screening time for your premiere, and at least 30 minutes before your non-premiere screenings. An early arrival is especially important for your premier screening, and even more crucial if your film has a press line. If you are running late, please do let your Filmmaker Coordinator know. When you and your team arrive to the theater, the first thing you should do is check-in with your Filmmaker Coordinator, who will be waiting for you in the lobby of the theater.
  2. Make sure everyone who needs a seat has one! We do not reserve the same number of seats as tickets we’ve provided. This is especially true if you have friends/family/crew who obtained a ticket from outside the ticket allotment that you received from your Filmmaker Coordinator. We will reserve 20 seats for your Premier screening, and 5 seats for all subsequent screenings. If you are receiving a large number of tickets from your Coordinator, make sure to encourage your guests to arrive early to ensure they get a seat near the rest of your team, as they will likely not have a reserved seat.
  3. If you have tickets to distribute at the theater, we strongly advise you to assign this task someone on your team. Filmmakers will be needed elsewhere and should NOT be standing in the Lobby distributing tickets.
  4. Before your screening, your Filmmaker Coordinator will introduce you to both the Programmer, who will be conducting your Intro and Q&A, and the Theater Manager, who will be working with you to make sure your film looks and sounds great. We do not do tech-checks, but as an alternative, the Theater Manager will be stationed directly next to you at the start of your film and can communicate directly to the projection booth if adjustments need to be made. Filmmakers should take a seat on the aisle, as to ensure easy communication with the Theater Manager, as well as effortless access to the stage for the Intro and Q&A.
  5. When the screening concludes there will be a brief Q&A. We encourage you to decide who from your film will be participating in the Q&A before you arrive at the theater. At the conclusion of your film, the Programmer will call only the Filmmaker up to the front – from there, it is up to the Filmmaker to introduce the rest of your cast and crew who will be participating in the Q&A. 
  6. HAVE FUN! This is your big night, so don’t forget to enjoy it.

For SHORTS Filmmakers:

Six Tips for Shorts for Making Your First Screening Less Stressful and More Exciting

  1. Arrive at the theatre early. Short films are permitted only film director +1 seat in the reserved section so we can accommodate all filmmakers in the program. These reserved seats will be released prior to the start to make room for rush line ticketholders. If you have a posse coming, you need to assign someone to “hold seats” for your group outside of that reserved section, and please be respectful of the paying audience for this public screening by not holding seats that you do not need
  2. If you have tickets to distribute to your mom, cousin, friend-of-friend, etc. assign someone to this task. You should go straight to the theatre!
  3. When you get to the theatre auditorium check in with Cat, Ben, and/or Sharon so they know you are present. If you are running late, please contact Cat Fisher directly.
  4. At the start of the screening the programmer will speak a bit and introduce all directors who are present. When your name is called, stand at your seat, smile brightly, and wave to your adoring fans.
  5. When the screening concludes there will be a brief Q&A with all filmmakers and a TFF programmer or representative. Please don’t be a Q&A hog – we want all filmmakers to have a chance to speak and be in the spotlight.
  6. HAVE FUN! This is your big night, so don't forget to enjoy it!